Baraka will be sailing the southern route - Singapore down Indonesia to Sunda Strait, to
Cocos Keeling, Chagos (BIOT), then Rodriguez, Mauritius, Reunion, South Africa.

Here are a few details about formalities we have collected.


Puteri Marina will facilitate clearance out of Malaysia. April 2012 they charged about $50 for their services.


With effect from 1st January 2012 it is now necessary to notify the Port Master at least 12 hours prior to arrival at Singapore.

The Notification of Arrival report must be addressed to the Port Master and provide the following information in the format as shown:-

Name of vessel
Call Sign
MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identity Code)
4. IMO Number (Number issued by Lloyds Register)
5. Draft (in metres)
6. Height (in metres i.e. air draft)
7. Name of local agent
ETA (local time in form DDMMYYYYHHMM)
9. Direction from which the vessel is approaching Singapore e.g. E (East), W (West) or S (South). Note: Only one direction is to be indicated.
10. Intended Location
11. Name of last port of call
Any remarks (e.g. engine failure, medical assistance etc.)

To be sent via E-mail or Telefax (65) 6224 5776

Singapore grants a 15-day visa upon entry, easily extendable another month by going to the Seaman’s Desk, ICA, at South Pier, a short bus ride from the Marina MRT stop.


To move from marina to marina within Singapore we were required to obtain a cruising permit. This was free, facilitated by Raffles, but required Dave to pass a “self-assessment” test on the internet MPA site. We also had to rent an AIS transponder, $60 from Raffles, plus a $30 activation fee. Keppel Marina handled our exit clearances, and we had passports stamped in the Western Quarantine anchorage. Neither the cruising permit nor AIS transponder were required if you visit a single Singapore marina.


Indonesia requires advance notice of entry by fax. Nongsa Point Marina can
advise. Fax crew list 1 day in advance to +62 778 761348.
Upon arrival fly both a Q and N flag.
Nongsa Point will facilitate entry into Indonesia. A 30-day visa is granted
on entry, $25 USD per person, plus $25 agent fee. Dwi Hartana at the marina
can facilitate. +62 813 6466 6471
We obtained a CAIT for Indonesia, using Lytha, an agent listed on
Noonsite, who has proved responsive.  Cost is 1,850,000
rupiah, via Western Union. Allow several weeks to process. CAIT is good for
90 days from date on the permit. We sent copies of the boat doc and
passports, plus other info requested as follows:

We plan to enter Indonesia at Nongsa Point Marina, Pulau Batam. We would be
entering from Singapore.
We plan to request a 30-day Visa upon Arrival at Nongsa Point.
We plan to exit Indonesia at Pulau Belitung.
We plan to cruise from Batam to Belitung, stopping at Rempang,
Galang,Temiang, Lingga, Bangka and Belitung.
Our next port of call after Indonesia will be Cocos Keeling, Australia.
If possible, please send the CAIT original document to
Nongsa Point, care of Dwi Hartana of Nongsa Point Marina.

Get Telekomsel SIM for an internet dongle.

We also have been in contact with a Belitung man who offers to assist in
obtaining diesel and water, and in contacting officials for clearance. Harun
Cahyadi has a small jetty on the west side of Belitung
at 02? 47' 06.89"S; 107? 35' 25.38"E                (0719) 7000 620


Update July 2012: Mr. Cahyadi was more than helpful, obtaining diesel for us, and befriending us. He acted as agent in obtaining both Belitung arrival and clearance from Indonesia clearances. He did not charge us but intends to set up a fee schedule for his services. We recommend him most highly.


While in Singapore we applied online for the ETA, electronic visa for Australia.
Australian High Commission - Immigration Singapore
Craig Brockway on Christmas Island, Supervising Quarantine Officer, has been
very helpful answering questions.

Cocos will charge $50AUS per week to visit, payable upon leaving, no other charges, payable by credit card.


Indian Ocean Cruising Guide says to notify of arrival to Cocos Police on VHF20 12 nm out. Estrellita had info for an email notification 72 hours out, as follows:



I am writing to provide advance notice of our arrival by private sailing

yacht to Cocos Keeling. Bill Betts on Estrellita just forwarded his emails to you, so I am borrowing his format and filling in our details.


Our expected arrival is July 12, 2012 at approximately 0800 hrs.

Our last port was Belitung, Indonesia, next port Mauritius, and we would

like to stay at Cocos Keeling for about 1 month.

We have the appropriate port clearances from Indonesia and copies of our

Austalian "ETA" application approvals, reference numbers xxxxxxxxx and



We are a 13 meter, monohull sailing yacht flagged in the USA. Official

Number: 926578 and named "Baraka".

We have a total of two crew on board as follows;

Pryde, David, Male, DOB: xxxxxxxxx, USA Passport No:

xxxxxxxxx, Born in USA, USA Citizen

Eckmann, Janice, Female, DOB: xxxxxxxxx, USA Passport:

xxxxxxxxx, Born in USA, USA Citizen


Our last 4 ports are

Belitung Indonesia, left June 29, 2012

Nongsa, Indonesia, left June 12, 2012

Singapore, left June 2, 2012

Johor Malaysia, left April 27, 2012


We have no pets or firearms on board, and are both in good health.


I hope that this email is sufficient notice of our arrival and look

forward to hearing from you as to any other information you require in

advance of our visit.


Thank you,

Janice Eckmann

Sailing Yacht "Baraka"

At Sea Email:


We obtained a cruising permit for 28 days (50 pounds per week, payment
via bank transfer). Michelle Cooper, BIOT Assistant Administrator has been very helpful. Documents required include
1) Signed version of the Visit Permit Request Form, obtained online
2) Signed version of the BIOT Yacht Declaration
3) Copies of evacuation insurance (We signed up online for DAN, which was
acceptable, $55 USD)
4) Yacht insurance to cover disposal and clean up (we sent our yacht
insurance policy page, showing liability coverage)

We have not looked into entry requirements for Rodriguez, Mauritius or
Reunion. South Africa requires a visa, which we will obtain in Mauritius.