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Baraka is a Slocum 43' sailboat from Seattle. We set sail westabout in 2006. In 2014 we completed our 8-year circumnavigation, across the South Pacific, through SE Asia, across the Indian Ocean, around South Africa, up the southern Atlantic, through the Canal, then home by way of Galapagos, Marquesas and Hawaii.

In the summer of 2016, we headed north to Alaska! See below for our most current posting, or click on the year links in the right-hand column to select our journal entries for each country, including photos.

I've added the big picture, a world map of our travels on Baraka.


Our journal entries:

Where's Baraka?
Click here to see our current location. Double click on a bubble to see the report details. If you click on Satellite in the upper right corner and zoom in, you can find our location on Google Earth.

To reach us please see our contact information.